What is Tascout?

Tascout is the first social network for kids under 18 who share a passion for football . It is a free platform where young players can show off their skills in one-minute video ; exchange tips , emotions , values ​​and get in contact with other enthusiasts and talent scout .

On Tascout can show your game , but also comment on what the others ; follow the most talented players and challenge shots of dribbles , penalty kicks and dribbling other users to earn points and trophies .

Tascout enables children and young people around the world to showcase their talents without social barriers , geographical and economic and share the positive values ​​of the sport such as socialization , and a healthy lifestyle .


Do you remember of Pety , the Brazilian footballer who at age 13 has attracted the attention of Real Madrid thanks to videos uploaded on YouTube by his father ?

Who knows how many talented kids like him are in the world !

The our mission

The mission of Tascout is to give young players the opportunity to share and make their social growth football .

Kids from around the world use Tascout to meet and keep in touch , sharing the dream and the chance to be noticed more quickly by observers , representatives and youth sectors .

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